AMI's Value

A revolutionary development platform for quickly building powerful enterprise information systems.

Powerful enterprise solutions. No programming required.

  • Powerful yet easy-to-use development framework for building world-class global management information solutions.
  • Unlike other systems, AMI requires no programming and solutions can be implemented within 30 days.
  • Just as Excel is used to develop highly customized applications without coding, AMI allows you to build enterprise-wide, multi-user systems quickly and cost effectively.

Flexible platform for rapid development

  • Leverages five core systems to build highly customized solutions: a data collection system, expert knowledge system, analysis engine, report & dashboarding tools, and a performance repository.

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  • Get up and running immediately with complete, "out-of-the-box" solutions or author your own custom applications within weeks without costly development.

Create solutions that enhance visibility, control, and governance.

  • The AMI framework enables applications that enforce best practices, identify risks, and drive team communication.
  • AMI solutions allow organizations to leverage their knowledge and experience across teams.

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