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Powerful industry solutions ready to go, out-of-the-box.


Expert solutions in a matter of days

AMI is a very flexible development platform that can be used in developing solutions in any industry. Fully developed solutions are available in the IT and supply chain domains. With expert analysis, best practices, and assessments built-in, you can be up and running in a matter of days.

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Automated Project Office

A revolutionary way to manage IT projects, APO provides every one of your IT projects with world-class, phase-by-phase quality assurance reviews. Containing industry best practices, expert knowledge, and standard processes, APO brings control, governance, and visibility to your IT organization.

  • Cut costs by identifying off-track project activities early
  • Improve efficiency and learning through consistent enforcement of IT best practices
  • Eliminate surprises through enhanced team communication
  • Increase visibility and management of project risk

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Advanced Supply Chain Insight

Advanced Supply Chain Insight (ASCI) develops opportunities for reducing supply chain costs and improving service by monitoring and measuring the performance of your supply chain professionals against best practices and planned results.

  • Identify emerging supply chain issues before they develop, allowing performance to catch-up to plans and expectations
  • Eliminate unnecessary and non-productive work
  • Reinforce desired practices and processes
  • Predict supply chain health

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Building on Automated Project Office, ITBuzz is a complete IT Management solution, including the areas of service delivery and process improvement. Consisting of five core modules, ITBuzz will provide enhanced operational insight and risk mitigation to your IT organization.

  • Efficiently utilize resources through portfolio balancing
  • Encourage organizational learning by incorporating lessons learned from past project performance
  • Ensure that products and services provided are functioning within established SLAs
  • Assess the alignment of the technology with corporate standards

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REMS Examiner

Developed in partnership with ParagonRX, REMS Examiner boosts the effectiveness of your REMS or other pharmaceutical risk management programs. Continuously monitor REMS programs using interim and surrogate metrics alongside human feedback from multiple stakeholders to identify problems early.

  • Tracks implementation effectiveness of REMS over time on a global or regional basis
  • Provides "early warning" of underperforming elements that require additional attention prior to formal reporting of program performance to regulators
  • Identifies root causes of performance weakness to improve program performance

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