AMI Tour

Learn more about the five core components of the AMI platform.

Operational Information Integration System

Accumulate quantitative data and 360-degree team feedback to assemble and present a constant stream of operational data to the "control room". Working with the Knowledge System, selectively gather only the pertinent data required for the review process.

The Value

  • A complete, holistic view of your operations' health and status
  • Further leverage of data you already collect, such as time, cost, and resource data.
  • An understanding of the human dimensions of your operations by capturing subjective feedback that often gets missed by traditional tools
  • Minimizes time, energy, and cost to collect and process QA data

Key Features

  • Ability to import data from your existing systems
  • Gathers feedback from the right people at the right time
  • Role specific knowledge and interaction
  • Requires little human effort (automated)