AMI's Capabilities

Using AMI is fast, easy, and inexpensive

Advanced Management Insight

Five steps from opportunity to solution.

Creating a solution in AMI, whether simple or advanced, requires five primary steps:

  • Define the operational data and human feedback you want to capture.
  • Identify the checklists, best practices, rules, and boundaries your organization wants to enforce.
  • Determine the key performance indicators you want to measure and manage.
  • Design the report layout you would like and dashboards you need to maximize visibility.
  • Define the metrics to be stored in your performance repository.

AMI Implementations from Simple to Complex

Customized Solutions

In addition to collecting stakeholder feedback through targeted questionnaires, pull in data from your existing systems for correlation and analysis.

  • Create a single repository of operational and human data
  • Use built-in dashboards for enhanced visibility and reporting
Advanced Management Insight

Average time to implement

10-15 days

Advanced Management Insight

Average man-hrs to implement