AMI's Capabilities

Using AMI is fast, easy, and inexpensive

Advanced Management Insight

Five steps from opportunity to solution.

Creating a solution in AMI, whether simple or advanced, requires five primary steps:

  • Define the operational data and human feedback you want to capture.
  • Identify the checklists, best practices, rules, and boundaries your organization wants to enforce.
  • Determine the key performance indicators you want to measure and manage.
  • Design the report layout you would like and dashboards you need to maximize visibility.
  • Define the metrics to be stored in your performance repository.

AMI Implementations from Simple to Complex

Executive Info System Solutions

Using AMI as a platform, a highly customized solution is built that meets the unique needs of a particular organization.

  • Fully customized from the ground up to incorporate your organization's processes, analysis, and reporting needs
  • Leverages AMI's core systems to dramatically reduce implementation time and cost
  • Create a repository of your organization's data and operational performance
Advanced Management Insight

Average time to implement

45-90 days

Advanced Management Insight

Average man-hrs to implement