AMI's Value

Answers to some frequently asked questions.


Purpose & Value

What is AMI?
AMI is a revolutionary web-based platform that allows clients to build rich management information systems in a non-programming environment. Because it's hosted on our secure servers, there is no hardware or software for clients to install or maintain.

Just as Excel™ serves as a foundation for customized applications, AMI enables organizations to build powerful tools for data collection, analysis, and reporting . AMI allows your organization to take the data it already collects, combine it with timely human feedback, and compare it to customized best practices, processes, and knowledge. This provides management with a holistic view of operational health and status. Back to the top
How can this platform be used?
AMI customers may choose to create their own highly customized applications or install powerful industry-specific applications that are ready to go out-of-the-box.

Regardless of approach, AMI applications are able to pull in your organization's data and perform analysis, risk identification, and process enforcement. Interactive dashboards and custom reporting provides increased management visibility into your organization's performance and operational health. Back to the top
Who is AMI for?
AMI can be used to improve management and enhance governance and visibility for organizations in any industry. The highly customizable nature of AMI's core systems allow clients to shape data collection, analysis, and reporting in a way that meets the specific needs of their company. A growing number of complete solutions are available in fields such as IT project management and supply chain management. Back to the top
How does AMI expedite a solution development effort?
AMI expedites development of information systems by providing a core set of capabilities that authors can quickly leverage without any coding or lengthy development process. These core systems include mechanisms for importing your company's existing data, collecting team feedback, data analysis, dashboarding, and reporting.

This powerful, yet easy-to-use set of tools allows for much faster solution development than starting from the ground-up or using other complex tools that require teams of developers. AMI was designed from the beginning for ease-of-implementation and minimal support. Back to the top
What makes AMI unique?
AMI was designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-use development platform. Many information system tools require months or years to build customized solutions and need a team of developers to support. AMI's objective was to make building custom solutions as easy and fast as possible.

As a platform, AMI was also built to serve as a foundation for ready-to-go applications that are made available through an "app store" model, further minimizing implementation time and development costs. Back to the top
What types of solutions have already been built using this platform?
  • Supply Chain Risk Identification
  • Pharmaceutical Risk Management
  • Safety Compliance Auditing
  • Job Satisfaction Surveying
  • Employee Benefits Evaluation & Administration
  • Organization Financials Reporting & Analysis
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Can I interface with your web services?
Yes, any client that can access the internet and communicate over HTTP, can use our web services. Back to the top
Can I import my projects from existing spreadsheets or systems?
Yes, as long as you can get your data into an Excel™ spreadsheet, you can import it into AMI. Back to the top
Is there a client footprint?
There is no client footprint, the application is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be used with most any browser (IE, FireFox). Back to the top
How long does it take to fully deploy AMI?
AMI can be fully deployed within a month. There is no hardware or software for you to install. AMI rides on top of any software you already have in place. Thus, it doesn't require replacement of existing operations. Back to the top
What if I want to have a new dashboard with a new set of report metrics?
As a separate service we can work with you to define requirements and then customize your dashboard. Back to the top
What type of support structure is available (documentation, etc...)?
CAI offers clients interested in building their own custom applications a variety of support channels. Documentation and training are provided by CAI as part of every AMI implementation. Full web service API documentation is available, along with a sample application that provides useful examples of web service calls.

For customers interested in building applications that are highly customized or complex, CAI's solutions development team can provide additional consultation or development work as a separate service. Back to the top


Can you integrate with other systems?
Absolutely, any electronic data can be fed in through an API facility. Back to the top
Are the answers to the questions in the assessments 100% anonymous?
Yes, we can change the default setting so that the answers are in fact 100% anonymous. Back to the top
How can I ensure that my people are answering the questions truthfully?
Like status reports and even verbal updates, you have to have an established level of trust with your people. You can also tell them that their answers are 100% anonymous. Back to the top
Is there programming that needs to occur when I want to add, delete, modify a question?
There is no programming that needs to occur to allow you to add, delete, or modify a question. You are able to do this on your screen. It is seamless and takes only a couple of minutes. Back to the top
Do I have to display all the dashboards?
No, we can customize your dashboards so that you see only what you want to see. Back to the top
How long does it take to answer the weekly assessment?
Only about 5-15 minutes. Back to the top
Can the questions to the assessments be automatically populated with the prior week's answers?
Yes, we can set AMI up so that the assessments automatically populates with the prior week's answers. Back to the top


What is the base application architecture?
The base application architecture is made up by a set of common interfaces implemented as web services. Back to the top
How is the application implemented?
The application is implemented in C# and .net framework 4.0. Back to the top
Where does the application reside?
Typically the application is hosted for you on CAI's internal hosted network, however if you wish to deploy the application on your own servers that can be easily accommodated. Back to the top
How is my data secured?
The transmission is over HTTPS and your application instance is a proprietary instance, data is not shared across engagements. Back to the top

Getting Started

How do I license AMI?
AMI is hosted on secure servers by CAI and access is provided using the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. Clients access AMI capabilities through the internet similar to many cloud applications. Back to the top
Who uses AMI and how many user licenses will I require?
Survey responders are not users. Users would include project managers and executives who wish to access dashboards and reports. Back to the top